What is Spellfight?

Spellfight is a game to measure your typing speed and compare it with the one of your friends and other people on the web. The game is pretty simple: some words will be presented to you and you have to correctly write them avoiding typos. The faster you type the words the higher the resulting score will be.

That's all?

That's all... for now. We aim to write the best game to improve your typing ability letting you learn what are the common mistakes you made. The game provides also a nice dictionary you can consult to learn about new words you have to fight!

Spellfight wants to be also an educational game, focusing on learning words, synonymous, antonyms and whatever else we will think about.

Who are you?

We are a small team that appreciates online gaming, social networks and education and we are interested in levearage new tools that mix all of these components. We hope people enjoy Spellfight!

For inquiries and advertising opportunities you can contact us at hello AT spellfight DOT com.