What is Spell Fight?

Spell Fight is a game of speed. In each round you have to type some words as fast as you can. With time you will see your typing speed improve and, maybe, one day you will escalate the top ten too. Spell Fight is also a dictionary that lets you challenge your typing speed with thousands of words in several languages. Finally, in order to make everything funnier and more social, you can invite your friends for a game through Facebook and show off your top scores!

Top Ten

  1. Jackie Tris
  2. Xiao Xi
  3. Sarah
  4. Gollard89
  5. ThePiper76
  6. Mick Martinez
  7. SeanP91
  8. Igor Morales
  9. Alan Babbage
  10. Maurice Saintbeat

Results for “what's up reload it

it (English) Play this word!

  1. One who is neither a he nor a she; a creature; a dehumanized being.
    • 1995, Neil Weiner, Sharon E. Robinson Kurpius, Shattered innocence (page 8)
      Too often, children become an "it" in their homes and their humanness is devalued.
    • 1920, , Bulldog Drummond Chapter 1
      His master glanced up quickly, and removed the letter from his hands. "I'm surprised at you, James," he remarked severely. "A secretary should control itself. Don't forget that the perfect secretary is an it: an automatic machine—a thing incapable of feeling.…"
  2. The person who chases and try to catch the other players in the playground game of tag.
    In the next game, Adam and Tom will be it
    • 2000, Katherine T. Thomas, Amelia M. Lee, Jerry R. Thomas, Physical education for children (page 464)
      When there are only two children left who haven't been tagged, I will stop the game, and we will start over with those children starting as the Its.
  3. The game of tag.
    Let's play it at breaktime.
  1. most fashionable.
    • Vibe, Vol. 15, No. 9, p. 202, September 2007:
      Going away for the weekend and feel the need to profile en route? This is the "it" bag.
    • David Germain, Hilarious ‘Kick-Ass’ delivers bloody fun, Associated Press, 2010:
      With Hit Girl, Moretz is this year's It Girl, alternately sweet, savage and scary.

reload (English) Play this word!

  1. To load (something) again
  2. To refresh a copy of a program in memory or of a web page on screen
  3. to make one's own cartridges using spent (or new) cases and new powder, primer, and bullet/shot.

up (English) Play this word!

  1. away|Away from the centre of the Earth or other planet; in opposite direction to the downward pull of gravity.
    I looked up and saw the airplane overhead.
    They are walking up the steps.
  2. thoroughly|Thoroughly, completely.
    I will mix up the puzzle pieces.
    Tear up the contract.
    He really messed up.
    Please type up our monthly report.
  3. north|North.
    I’m going up to New York to visit my family this weekend.
  4. louder|Louder.
    Turn the volume up.
  5. Higher in pitch.
    Listen to your voice go up at the end of a question.
  6. Traditional term for the direction leading to the principal terminus, towards milepost zero.
    The up express arrives in London at 08:41
  7. A preposition indicating positive vertical direction.
  8. relatively|Relatively close to the batsman.
    The bowler pitched the ball up.
  9. Without the use of additional ice.
    Would you like that drink up or on ice?
  10. Towards Cambridge or Oxford.
    She's going up to read Classics this September.
    • 1867, John Timbs, Lives of wits and humourists, p. 125
      The son of the Dean of Lichfield was only three years older than Steele, who was a lad of only twelve, when at the age of fifteen, Addison went up to Oxford.
    • 1998, Rita McWilliams Tullberg, Women at Cambridge, p. 112
      Others insinuated that women 'crowded up to Cambridge', not for the benefits of a higher education, but because of the proximity of 2,000 young men.
    • 2002, Peter Harman, Cambridge Scientific Minds, p. 79
      A precocious mathematician, Babbage was already well versed in the Continental mathematical notations when he went up to Cambridge.
  1. Toward the top of.
    The cat went up the tree.
  2. Further along (in any direction).
    Go up the street until you see the sign.
  3. Into or out of one's possession or consideration.
    I picked up some milk on the way home.
    The committee will take up your request.
    She had to give up her driver's license after the accident.
  4. From south to north of
  1. awake|Awake.
    I can’t believe it’s 3 a.m. and you’re still up.
  2. finished|Finished, to an end
    Time is up!
  3. In a good mood.
    I’m feeling up today.
  4. willing|Willing; ready.
    If you are up for a trip, let’s go.
  5. Next in a sequence.
    Smith is next up to bat.
  6. Happening; new.
    What is up with that project at headquarters?
  7. face|Facing upwards; facing toward the top.
    Put the notebook face up on the table.
    Take a break and put your feet up.
  8. stand|Standing.
    Get up and give her your seat.
  9. On a higher level.
    • 1925, Walter Anthony and Tom Reed (titles), (director), , silent movie
      ‘The Phantom! The Phantom is up from the cellars again!’
  10. available|Available; made public.
    The new notices are up as of last Tuesday.
  11. Of a person, informed about; abreast of; current.
    I’m not up on the latest news. What’s going on?
  12. functional|Functional; working.
    Is the server back up?
  13. Traveling towards a major terminus.
    The London train is on the up line.
  14. the up escalator, the escalator taking passengers upwards
  15. Served chilled and strained into a stemmed glass.
    A Cosmopolitan is typically served up.
  16. erect|Erect.
  17. in the sky (i.e. during daytime)
    • 1898, , Chapter 4
      I have said I was still in darkness, yet it was not the blackness of the last night; and looking up into the inside of the tomb above, I could see the faintest line of light at one corner, which showed the sun was up.
  1. The direction opposed to the pull of gravity.
    Up is a good way to go.
  2. a positive thing.
    I hate almost everything about my job. The only up is that it's so close to home.
  1. To increase or raise.
    If we up the volume, we'll be able to make out the details.
  2. To promote.
    It wasn’t long before they upped him to Vice President.
  3. To act suddenly, usually with another verb.
    He just upped and quit.
    He upped and punched that guy.
    • 1991, ,
      And she didn't leave a letter, she just upped and ran away.

Some very long foreign words or sentences to fight with

muscoli trasversi superficiali del perineo (Italian) Play this word!


muscoli trasversi superficiali del perineo

Dichiarazione Universale dei Diritti dell'Uomo (Italian) Play this word!

Proper noun

dichiarazione|Dichiarazione universale|Universale dei diritti dell'uomo|Diritti dell'Uomo

  1. Universal Declaration of Human Rights

muscoli retti posteriori maggiori della testa (Italian) Play this word!


muscoli retti posteriori maggiori della testa